What are Podcasts?

Podcasts is essentially an audio broadcast on the internet that you can download. Podcasts derives from the combination of the word ‘broadcast’ and ‘iPod’. Back then many people had iPods and they put these audio broadcasts on them; Nowadays, you can put it anywhere, in your phones, laptops, etc.

Podcasts can contain a wide variety of radio-style content. It usually doesn’t contain much music either. Having music in podcasts can have copyright infringement.  These podcasts can be of many genres, from Sci-fi like X-Files Files where two hosts talk about the X-Files show found on netflix, to comedy like Put Your Hands Together where standup comics come in the show. Or it can be educational where it talks about history such as Naval History Podcast.

Podcasts can be essentially be about anything the creator wants it to be.

“Podcasting is the start of a new media content revolution that is empowering individuals with the ability to globally distribute their ideas and create a following of like minded fans. It is impacting traditional industries such as journalism, education and entertainment allowing anyone to freely create and distribute news and media.” (Starak, Y.)



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