Tips to a Successful Webcasts

Webcasts, I believe, are being used more often in businesses. Whether it is to communicate, marketing your brand, training/educational purposes and more. Finding the right audience to listen and participate in your webcast is pretty much the foundation stone to the success of your webcast. Using Social media can help gain you an audience you seek. Building awareness is key to gaining an audience. This could include making a website for the event, register and send reminders to participants. “Continuing on building awareness during and after the event is also important to extend the reach and impact of your message.”(How to Start a Live Event?(n.d)) Using a catchy title and description can also help grab some audiences attention.  Adding incentive/special promotion for those who participate can also help.

The information that you will show to these people must be concise and to the point. You can use your slides a a visual aid to guide the conversation that you are having with the audience. Analogies and/or examples can help visualize and make the audience understand your points. Implementing a Q&A session can also help you engage with the audience, they can submit a question live to you that you can answer thoroughly. You can also engage your audience before and after the event to create more interest and gain information about the event.

My final tip, make sure to gain feedback, conduct surveys, and review everything so that you can make changes needed to make the event better than the last



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