Tips on How to Podcast part2

Once you have your outline or script, you are now probably ready to record. Podcasting can be done anywhere, even on the go. You don’t have to be in a studio and be using expensive mics. All you actually need is a computer and a decent microphone, you can even use your phone if you’d like. Once you have everything you need, you can start. You can either record as you go or you can record it in segments for later editing.

When you record as you go, all your audio cues or song clips must be ready. So when you hit a certain cue in your outline you just press it and then continue. This way takes a lot of preparation and practice, however it does save you a lot of time. Its all one take.

The other way, is you record it in segments and use an audio program to edit. Post-production sounds more professional and put together, with minimal mistakes. If you’d like to try I would recommend Audacity. I’ve used it before myself for certain projects. Its free, and an open source. Editing is quite a lot of fun. You can add many different sounds to your podcasts.


Once you are done editing save it, then export the file as an mp3 then upload it to your media host or wherever you like.


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