Tips on how to Podcast part1

When I was reading on how to do a podcasts, there were a lot of things to read. Finding a a topic might be difficult. You want to know what you can be passionate about and what your expertise is at for the topic, then find a common ground in between and that would be your topic. Once you have your topic, its a good idea to write an outline for the topic. The outline that you make for the podcast is to make you stay on track and be organized. With the outline you can know what you need to discuss next or any cues you have for the pod. For example the picture below shows cues for music intros , probably used to transtion from one topic to the next.

Here is an example of the outline: example-podcast-outline

I think with an outline, recording your podcast would make it a lot easier. At least you will know what to talk about next or any cues you have for the show. Other than the outline you could also make a script if you are more comfortable with it. A script would sound a bit stiff but there are people who can talk natural with the script.


How To Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Podcasting. (2017, February 28). Retrieved March 06, 2017, from


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